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April 16, 2021

Promoting psychology and mental health with Brandon Shintani

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Brandon is a sophomore at Ridgewood High School, in New Jersey. He is the founder of Mind-Design Sports, a sport psychology organization that provides content for young student-athletes. Brandon started Mind-Design Sports to help athletes perform optimally through the use of blogs, podcasts with guest speakers, and social media infographs addressing many topics in sports and psychology. Mind-Design Sports is relatively new, launching in September 2020, but has been growing steadily: in the past 6 months, their traffic and listener base has increased 50% and they have secured a mention (number 17) in Feedspot’s Top 45 Sport Psychology Websites. Essentially, Brandon is an avid learner about psychology and mental health, advocating for their importance in the field of sports. Aside, from Mind-Design Sports, he is the founder and leader of his school’s psychology club where he also provides information on the different fields of psychology. If you are an athlete or anybody that is looking to perform better in any aspect of your life, I highly recommend you check out Brandon’s website at https://www.mind-designsports.org

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