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Oct. 23, 2020

Racisim and the 2020 US election with Pam Pendleton

Racisim and the 2020 US election with Pam Pendleton
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In this episode we discuss the forthcomming 2020 US election to identify a few of the issues that could prove important, as communities of color cast their ballots by November 3rd. Joining me on this episode to talk about this is owner of Diva Hustle Radio Pam Pendleton.

DHR is a 100% independently owned station that aims to bridge the gap between cultural boundaries. At Diva Hustle Radio they believe that diversity is the key to expanding our minds and removing the barriers. They truly understand the value of real music and all audience despite ethnicity. They believe that Hip Hop and R&B is at the core of anyone who has ever faced any real adversity, all while acknowledging that the Hip Hop is the one true art form that was built on self expression. Their lineup consists of an array of talk shows and music programming that are certain to elicit spirited feedback from their most dedicated listeners. While the largest and most profound contributions have come from the founders of this groundbreaking, high-energy genre. There are many new artist that have added their spin on this iconic style of music. They welcome them all to take part in this lyrical movement that has brought people of all walks together under one roof. They urge you to join them in this celebration of uncensored broadcast and hope you enjoy. Diva Hustle Radio has an app available in Apple and Google store for free.

Website: http://www.divahustleradio.com

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