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Oct. 28, 2019

Reaching optimal health and transforming lives with Rosa Coelho

Reaching optimal health and transforming lives with Rosa Coelho
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Rosa Coelho is a coach and speaker. Rosa was a primary school teacher in London UK for 7 years before changing careers to follow her path in the health industry. She started out as a personal trainer and massage therapist and is now as a health coach living in Vancouver Canada.

Rosa’s work has led her to train Royalty in Saudi Arabia, write for top UK health magazines and appear on TV for her expertise in Kettlebells’s and fat loss.

Rosa coaches women to reach their optimal health and transform their lives. She believes when women feel their best everything around them shifts. They are then able to push past their comfort zones, discover their strengths and share their gifts with the world.

Rosa also coaches personal trainers to create reoccurring income so they may have a more stable, fulfilling and long term career.

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