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May 17, 2021

Resilience and adaptation with David Dodd

Starting out his career as the banker in his Louisiana hometown, David decided to make a shift when he had the opportunity in the late ‘80s to move to a nearby city and transfer into economic development. Then in 1994, David was involved in a horrific auto accident which left him with a feeling of destiny—that he was left here for a reason. He was determined to make a positive impact on this world. In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina hit, David shifted his focus to disaster recovery and resilience. In 2011, while crafting an economic recovery strategy for Japan after the Fukushima Tsunami, the idea of ISRC was born. ISRC is dedicated to furthering the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and is one of 8 Public Private Partnership (PPP) Specialist Centers of Excellence affiliated with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe International PPP Centre of Excellence. ISRC strives to improve disaster resilience and sustainability worldwide by specializing in providing "People first" PPPs that are sustainable and enhance disaster resilience, as well as integrating sustainability and resilience into PPPs of all types, globally. In 2019, while in Puerto Rico implementing its recovery, David contracted a deadly bacteria that led to the amputation of his left leg. Having already dealt with a near death experience once, and constantly being around disaster and tragedy through his work, David knew there was a reason he survived both: to teach people about both personal and community resilience, while inspiring them to never give up no matter what life throws at them, even a pandemic.

Website: https://isrc-ppp.org

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