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Oct. 6, 2020

Review of the historical fiction book "Among Kings" with Joey O'Connor

Review of the historical fiction book

Joey O’Connor is an award-winning author of over twenty books and screenplays. Joey is the Executive Director of The Grove Center for the Arts & Media, a Southern California arts organization. He is also the President of the Congo Reform Association, a non-profit whose mission is to use story, film and social media to help end the Congo Conflict and produce a self-sustaining thriving Congo. Joey lives with his wife and family in San Clemente, California. He likes to go to the beach and compete in Ironman triathlons.

Website 1: http://www.thegrovecenter.org

Website 2: http://www.joeyoconnor.org 

Website 3:  http://www.congoreformassociation.org 

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