Dave is an interviewer who listens.

I've been interviewed twice by Dave. He is a genuine pleasure to talk to, a two-way conversationalist, who--and I can't speak for anyone else--brings the best out of me. I'll interview with Dave anytime he asks me. My highest rating to him

Not What You Know, It's Who You Know!

Dave Pamah, knows the right people to interview! Wow, such great questions and solid guests who answer them all! Great job Dave!

Dave is the one to listen to!

I love the refreshing variety of topics and guests - always surprising and delightful!

Fun, quick and insightful!

Dave not only has great guests but he digs into the details and finds easy to implement nuggets of wisdom from his guests. Love the show!

Great conversations!

Dave does a great job of having open conversations rather than just asking a set of questions for specific answers. His guests come from a wide range of backgrounds and there’s a lot of insight to be learned! Keep them coming Dave!