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Sept. 17, 2020

Successful Thinking with Corey Jahnke

Successful Thinking with Corey Jahnke
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Corey Jahnke is a leadership coach with 30-years of experience and author of ‘The Successful Thinker’. In 2008 Corey found himself facing compassion fatigue and provider burnout at life-threatening levels. The real estate crash combined with emotional exhaustion created a nearly impossible relationship situation at home. As Corey found a way to make peace with the situation and turn his life around, he has now devoted his life to helping people re-engineer their confidence levels so that they can explode their businesses, expand their influence, and live the kind of magical life that he gets to live on a daily basis.

Websites: https://thesuccessfulthinker.com & https://go.thesuccessfulthinker.com

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