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Sept. 23, 2020

Supporting Fellas With Feelings with Tom Simmons

Supporting Fellas With Feelings with Tom Simmons
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Tom Simmons is a man who has suffered from debilitating anxiety for all of his life but it was only when he had a big wake-up call (5 years ago) that he decided to take action. Tom was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation at the age of 20 (a type of heart arrhythmia) and shortly after this diagnosis he was dealt another huge health scare in the form of testicular cancer. As a consequence, these health blows massively hit his confidence and what followed was intense emotional torment and a one-way trip that led to him hitting rock bottom. A very lonely, dark place that he has been trying to get himself out of ever since. Today, he is a men's mental health advocate that talks openly about his journey with battling anxiety under the name "Fellas With Feelings". Here he showcase his journey and the steps he has taken to help improve his mental and physical well-being (which have been anything but normal!). He continues to raise awareness for the challenges facing men going through mental health along with bringing to light the different modalities that one can employ to help themselves in times of adversity that go against the status quo. He is a trained breathworker and is about to become a certified Chek holistic lifestyle practitioner. he also has plans to write a book about his journey.

Website: https://fellaswithfeelings.com

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