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Dec. 1, 2021

Supporting Ourselves During Adversity with Susan De Lorenzo

Supporting Ourselves During Adversity with Susan De Lorenzo
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In this episode I talk to Life Coach and cancer survivor Susan De Lorenzo who helps people coming out of life-altering adversities rebuild using their experience & insights.


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Susan De LorenzoProfile Photo

Susan De Lorenzo

Life Coach/Cancer Survivor/Author-in-the-making

Life Coach Susan De Lorenzo focuses on helping women who are emerging from life-altering adversities and guides them to evaluate the insights and wisdom that such times hold. She believes our dark times hold amazing "gems" which we can use to construct our lives on an elevated platform for a soul-led life that honors the journey and the great woman who was within all along. As a survivor of invasive breast cancer whose marriage dissolved as treatment ended, Susan draws upon her personal journey as well as her training as a life coach to give clients, readers and listeners the mindsets and tools to rebuild their lives in alignment with their deepest desires. Susan is also a soon-to-be author of the book, Pulling the Gems from Adversity, slated to be published by Balboa Press. Sign up on her website SusanDeLorenzo.com to receive periodic updates and release details.