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Jan. 4, 2021

Telling and creating stories with Annie Law

Telling and creating stories with Annie Law
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Annie is a native New Yorker who recently graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, studying Marketing + Communications. She aspires to be someone people can rely on for help in areas regarding life and career. With her love for psychology, philosophy, design, photography, and much more, she wants to be a representative of passionate and creative Asian Americans. The biggest goal of hers is to tell stories that are untold and unwritten. Whether that be through stories of her own, of others, or through simple creativity. The 20-year-old founded a small eco-friendly business called Line By Moi and is also the creator of a multi-media platform called ANDWHY. Media. Both projects and brands are outlets for Annie to pursue her goals - telling and creating stories.

Website: https://andwhymedia.com

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