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Oct. 23, 2019

The impact of work-life alignment with Bunny Young

The impact of work-life alignment with Bunny Young
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Stuntwoman turned businesswoman is the best way to start a bio. After being diagnosed with a heart condition at an early age and depending on a service dog for a higher quality of life, Bunny focuses on using each day to fully deliver our purpose within the world. Bunny founded her company, A Better Place Consulting to empower and educate businesses and organizations about the impact of work-life alignment. Bunny enjoys breaking the codependency found between professionals and their companies. Bunny also enjoys teaching burnout prevention to law enforcement, military, and correctional officers. She is a third-generation entrepreneur, an international speaker, retired therapist, surfer, Army wife and cowgirl who speaks 4 languages. Despite running 4 companies currently, Bunny is still most proud of her incredible family of two amazing daughters and her sexy supportive husband.

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