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Feb. 2, 2022

The importance of love and resilience with Chris Wise

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In this episode I speak to Chris Wise who is the founder and CEO at Wise profits, who went through hard times in prison, which is where he learned about the importance of love and resilience.





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Chris WiseProfile Photo

Chris Wise

Founder & CEO

Chris Wise built several companies early in life and learned from rapid growth, failures and eventually burnout. This journey gave him the opportunity to evaluate the business approach and personal development needed for sustainable health and success. After selling 2 national businesses, Chris’ focus has been on delivering a fresh sense of clarity and experience to business owners, helping them bring profitability and balance to their vision.

Chris has traveled the world speaking, coaching and mentoring businesses to gain extensive experience across many industries and cultures. He has studied and been mentored by industry experts, top business leaders, esteemed personal development and spiritual coaches. Chris now has a unique perspective, dimension, and approach to life and business. He uses the most effective business strategies and is also a thought leader on LQ, Love Quotient. Through his work with LQ, he has developed a revolutionary business consulting/advisory approach, which helps business owners integrate self-love and care into their business while they create growth and profitability.

At Wise Profits, Chris helps business leaders achieve their scaling goals while taking care of themselves through comprehensive self-love.