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April 10, 2020

The land of freedom with Estelle California

The land of freedom with Estelle California
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In this episode, I catch up with my good fiend and regular guest, singer,songwriter, musician and committed artiste Estelle California to talk about “The Land Of Freedom” which is Estelle’s new single from her collection “My Name Is Freedom”. Estelle lives in California and like many people around the globe, is currently on lockdown because of the coronavirus ( COVID 19) so we also had a little chat about that too!

“The Land Of Freedom” is the consequence of the difficult work and enthusiasm of Estelle and the extraordinary performers and makers that took a shot at these tracks. Estelle California is an artist and musician initially from France whose educational encounters mirror each word she sings. Her adoration for music began right off the bat in her life, an actual existence that carried her to various nations, on the contrary sides of the world. Africa and afterward the United States have been and are home for her, filling her heart with new sentiments, feelings, encounters, and music! This tune is an extremely lovely moderate beat track, beginning from the exceptionally suggestive piano lines and backup, we can value Estelle’s warm and sensitive voice setting up the mind-set of the tune with its astonishing verses. Estelle California’s exhibition behind the receiver is simply remarkable, her capacity to give each word the correct understanding is only a genuine and common blessing. From the subsequent half and end of the tune, we can likewise value her amazing vocal range and immaculate order of her vocal instrument.

Check out Estelle's music and everything else she is up to on her website: https://www.estellecalifornia.com

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