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Oct. 20, 2021

The Problems during the Pandemic with Rashni Hewawasam

The Problems during the Pandemic with Rashni Hewawasam
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In this episode I speak to Rashni Hewawasam who is a former scholarship holder for Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Entrepreneur, Mental Anxiety & Depression Recovery Coach, Author, Podcast Host, Humanitarian. She has experience in the medical field and a lot of knowledge on medicine as she was studying for 3 years in the field.

Learn more at www.taoac.net

This link is the start of a new venture to re-structure the current or traditional education system and this is a start. Rashni is also releasing a new book! Shemade it a fiction story since it may raise a lot of skepticism but it was based on her experiences. Its about the life she had encountered so far. It would be available on Amazon; Unveiling the Truth Behind Katherine's Destiny.


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Rashni Hewawasam

Author, CEO, Entrepreneur, Life Coach (specialized in mental health)

Hello! My name is Rashni Hewawasam. I am a Sri Lankan currently living in France. About me? Well I have one hell of a story as to why am here as a speaker. Firstly, I consider myself a life long learner. I am an academic! This is why I love exams and I am always attracted to the most challenging field of study as well as life in general. Once I graduated from high school, I was given a scholarship to study medicine in the best medical university in Romania. I come from a very strict culture as well that believes the only professional careers in the world are an engineer or a doctor. After, coming into realization of what I really wanted in life (this took many years), I switched my career. My family was disappointed in general to see their daughter switching careers from being a surgeon (as that was one of the specialized fields I liked. My internship experience each summer was in the emergency sector of the hospital.) to being an entrepreneur and a life coach. I was longing to have my own freedom as I thought that was missing in my life. There were so many issues that arose from being a doctor with this immensely long course of study without a guarantee of being financially independent. You miss out on a lot of things in a situation like this including finding true love as I was against the whole idea of arranged marriages. I am in the preliminary stages of starting my own business that would potentially help humanity and was brought about by everything that was happening during the pandemic. People working in the medical profession are going to strike for medical freedom and not having to spread biased views of the vaccine so it favors the government's situation in each country!