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Oct. 23, 2019

The Project Kuwait with Mahdi Al Own

The Project Kuwait with Mahdi Al Own
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Host and Founder of the Podcast "The Project Kuwait" started off his career by playing all sports and gaining experience in different fields :- Baseball, Gymnastics, Swimming, Basketball, Body building and most recently cross-fit. He established himself self as a baseball coach in 2005 and personal trainer in 2015 certified by Exos as a performance specialist and certified in strength condition and coaching. He has been in the fitness and sports industry for over 20 years with a lot of knowledge. In addition he holds a Masters in Business administration and a Minor in Psychology, He is a loving proud dad and owner of the account The Dad Project aiming to better dads everywhere. He has also turned his life around by dropping 50+ pounds and changing his life after the death of his brother who showed me the way indirectly and becoming a better person and stopping the party life, and continuing his education.He is also one of very few people who graduated college and high school in the same year !

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