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Nov. 17, 2020

The secrets behind confidence and self-belief with Rob Temple

The secrets behind confidence and self-belief with Rob Temple
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Rob is a stage hypnotist, obsessed with human psychology and what makes us think, act, feel and behave the way that we do. He's not a psychologist, a scientist, a life coach or an academic. He hasn't got a degree, hasn't written a single book and doesn't ‘treat' clients. But, over an 18+ year career as an entertainer, he's hypnotised over 20,000+ people around the world and has uncovered the real ‘in-the-field' magic behind our thoughts, emotions and mindset. Rob is on a mission to help regular people just like him understand how a single idea, planted like a seed into our mind, can grow and flourish into something powerful, to change your life and become the very best version of yourself? If he can uncover how to turn Joe Bloggs into Elvis Presley with a snap of his fingers, imagine the way that power can be used for good in our everyday lives.

Websites: https://successunlocked.com




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