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Jan. 5, 2021

The truth about money and life with Judy Copenbarger

The truth about money and life with Judy Copenbarger
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The profoundly caring, professional money guide, Judy Copenbarger, JD, CFP®, AIF® counsels and patiently teaches individuals of all ages and families of all types on the facts and agendas of money. A highly trustable voice for these rapidly changing times answering with wisdom the question, “what’s in your best interest?”, Judy puts it all in writing for you in her eye-opening book, MONEY TRUTH & LIFE: Practical Wisdom to Strengthen Families for Life, to finally bring MONEY TRUTH to your life and into the lives of your entire family, forever. An accomplished author and sought-after speaker, Judy Copenbarger has penned several books serving as a wise thought leader and financial fiduciary, savvy about all family business and money matters. And she’s your guide, now!

Website: https://judycopenbarger.com

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