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April 18, 2021

Time to Get Real About Coping with Cancer Cynthia Hayes

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Cynthia Hayes Bio A former freelance journalist, management consultant, and marketing executive, I have spent a lifetime preparing to write and market this book. An early writing career (with by-lines in Savvy, Working Women, Advertising Age, Advertising Week and TV Guide, among others) taught me the basics of interviewing, synthesizing information, finding the headlines, and telling a compelling story. After a brief interruption to earn an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School, I further honed these skills over 30 years of management consulting, where my success continued to rely on my ability to jump into new topics, pull sensitive information out of sometimes reluctant interviewees, digest specialized knowledge, and raft a persuasive narrative that turned complex findings into easy-to-digest guidance. Additionally, as an adjunct professor at the NYU Stern School of Business and executive trainer I developed courses and taught thousands of professionals, speaking frequently in front of large groups, answering difficult questions on the spot, and conveying enthusiasm for new ideas and challenging concepts. Shortly prior to my own cancer diagnosis, I resigned from Montefiore Medical Center, where for three years I served as vice president and chief marketing officer. In addition to providing a deeper understanding of the medical world, this experience gave me an opportunity to sharpen the marketing knowledge gained through my consulting practice and build relationships with many professionals in the cancer field. Having returned to the writing profession, I recently completed my first novel and am now dedicated full-time to the completion of The Big Ordeal. Website: https://thebigordeal.com

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