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Sept. 20, 2020

Traveling and transforming lives with Ernest White II

Traveling and transforming lives with Ernest White II
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Ernest White II is a storyteller, explorer, producer, and host of television travel docu-series FLY BROTHER with Ernest White II, currently airing in the United States on Public Television Stations and Create TV nationwide. He is also founder and CEO of Presidio Pictures, a new film, television, and digital media studio centering BIPOC, LGBTQ, and senior narratives. Ernest’s writing includes fiction, literary essay, and travel narrative, having been featured in Time Out London, USA Today, Getaway, Ebony, The Manifest-Station, Sinking City, Lakeview Journal, Matador Network, National Geographic Traveler’s Brazil and Bradt’s Tajikistan guidebooks, and at TravelChannel.com. Appearing on the Travel Channel television series Destination Showdown and Jamaica: Bared, as well as in a documentary film about the dangers of mass tourism, Gringo Trails, Ernest is a Florida native now based in Canada. His obsessions include South Africa, São Paulo, and Rita Hayworth. Website: https://www.flybrother.net

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