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Dec. 1, 2020

Turn any crisis into a victory with Dr. Hal Bradley

Turn any crisis into a victory with Dr. Hal Bradley
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Dr. Hal Bradley is a veteran and pastor with a PhD in pastoral counseling and a passion for helping the homeless and those in distress. Before becoming a pastor while in prison and focusing on helping underprivileged people, he was a drug lord, and at one time the largest cocaine trafficker in the Pacific Northwest. He served four years at the Springfield medical center for federal prisoners and one year in Leavenworth federal prison. He then worked as a contractor for the Department of Justice, where he helped to capture the drug kingpins. He now lives a quiet life focused on working with the homeless, the afflicted, and people with broken souls with the hospice ministry—all of it at the same time—over the past 17 years. He now faces life with joy in his heart, and without hate or anger. He feels blessed that God has chosen a purpose for him and that he survived such horrible things. He carries love wherever he goes, and this extends to his work with the homeless and others whom many people choose to ignore. He is currently recovering from an attack, allegedly ordered by a drug cartel. Website: http://drhalbradley.com

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