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Oct. 21, 2020

Youthful Idiocy with Wayne D. McFarland

Youthful Idiocy with Wayne D. McFarland
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In this episode I speak to Writer, Storyteller, Marketer and Author of the book - Tales From The Day.“In general, memoirs really suck,” observes new author Wayne McFarland in the opening line of Tales From The Day. On the other hand, to savor this self-described “memoir of sorts” that begins in the mid-twentieth century is to feast on a remarkable array of first-person accounts served with the sensibilities of a seasoned novelist. McFarland combines astute observations, skilled storytelling, and a blend of amusement, self-awareness and candor that most of us couldn’t muster even after years of therapy. You may alternate between “I wish I’d been there” and “I’m glad it was him and he lived to tell it.” As the book wraps, McFarland muses that some tales still remain untold. Count me among the eager readers who look forward to the day he tells them.

Website 1: https://www.waynemcfarland.com

Website 2: https://www.talesfromtheday.com

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